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Comparing Scotts EdgeGuard DLX, Mini and WIZZ spreaders

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Scotts EdgeGuard DLX
The first part of the video was the unboxing of the Scotts EdgeGuard DLX Broadcast Spreader. This portion of the video was filmed in 2022 and I am applying Scotts Summerguard to the lawn. Scotts states that the DLX can hold up to 15,000 square feet of lawn product. In this video, you will see what the spreader looks like with a 43lb bag of weed & feed fertilizer.

Scotts EdgeGuard Mini
The EdgeGuard Mini is smaller and has a listed capacity of 5,000 sqft worth of Scotts product. You will see how this performs compared to the DLX.

Scotts WIZZ
This Scotts WIZZ is perfect for a flower bed, a small garden or a small patch of grass. It is powered with four AA batteries, which are included with the unit. It is listed as year round. I can see why as I would rather use this for applying salt on my driveway. My only concern is how wide of an arc it covers as it may extend beyond the width of my small walkway.

⁣This is a comparison video of Scotts EdgeGuard DLX, Scotts EdgeGuard Mini and the Scotts WIZZ. I am doing this comparison now because its that time of year again to begin your lawn care.

Where to purchase

Scotts EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader: ⁣https://amzn.to/3p5hsZk
⁣Scotts Wizz Spreader - Handheld Power Spreader: ⁣https://amzn.to/3nuxOKu

Scotts EdgeGuard DLX Boardcast Spreader: ⁣https://amzn.to/412UFKT

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Savvy Turtle
Savvy Turtle
7 months ago

Dude your camera is so good that you can fancy watching the big bug in the back crawl around.

Savvy Turtle
Savvy Turtle
7 months ago

There you go Hope you were eating a block of cheese while you worked today!

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