How to fix a pressure washer that wont stay running

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⁣Your pressure washer wont stay running because it was in storage like mine for quite a while. Although you were able to get it started by cleaning the main jet in the carburetor it just wont stay running under demand. My problem was I had dirty fuel that sat in the tank for over two years without running. The contaminants in the fuel can clog up the carburetor, which will lead to the engine stalling under demand (using the pressure washer or having water pressure). You may have seen the video my neighbor Joe and I made when he helped me with this same pressure washer. The problem was a clogged main jet due to debris in the fuel.

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Briggs and Stratton replacement carburetor as shown in this video:

What Can you Check?
- Contaminated fuel in the tank
- Main jet ports clogged
- Air filter dirty
- Spark plug is corroded
- Bad needle valve

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