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Insane amount of dirt picked up by the Dyson

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⁣The Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 vacuum is one of the best vacuums that we have ever owned. Although there are some things we tolerate, it's the vacuum's performance that keeps us happy. Every time Mrs U Do It vacuums she shows me the results in the canister. And every time I'm amazed.

In this video, I demonstrate emptying the canister and vacuuming the floor and you can watch as it fills up with dirt and loose carpet fibers.

0:00 Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Vacuum Intro
0:39 Attachments
1:20 Empty canister
2:34 Accessing filter (can be rinsed in the sink)
3:03 Installation of canister
3:27 Power button and mode switch
4:04 Cord is a little stiff
4:44 Using GoPro to get an epic shot
6:15 Plastic bags for disposing of vacuum dirt
6:38 Canister point of view while vacuuming
10:32 Switching camera angle for POV shot while vacuuming
13:43 Vacuuming a tile floor with the Dyson
14:09 Using hose and attachments
16:08 Stowing hose and attachments
16:49 How to wrap up the cord
17:12 Credits

To learn more about this vacuum as well as other products read U Do It™ here: https://udoit.me/dyson-upright....-vacuum-picks-up-eve
The Dyson Multi Floor 2 Vacuum and other cleaning products are available on the U Do It™ Influencer List: https://amzn.to/3z1iiYy

⁣Video Production: U Do It™ Studios a Division of No Cheese Records™ LLC All Rights Reserved.

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