Intermittent power loss when outlet is touched

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⁣My outlet loses power when I plug something into it and in this video I troubleshoot it. But first, here is a little history of our problem. One day in band camp Mrs U Do It plugged in our vacuum and began vacuuming. Then my computer shut off and I lost internet connection while in the middle of working. I surmised that this is from a loose wire. With no time to fix it at that moment, it was still an issue. It happened again a few weeks later under the same circumstances.

Almost one month later I am here to fix the problem. In this video, you will see I remove the outlet and show the connections. I replaced the original outlet in 2016 with this new outlet. But, when I installed it I used the push-in connectors in the back of the outlet. In retrospect, I should have used the lugs. I remove the wires by inserting a small slotted screwdriver into the wire releases. Some wires were really stuck in there and needed some significant force to remove them.

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0:00 Removing outlet from the junction box
0:47 Using push-in connectors on outlet
0:55 Found loose wire in push-in connection on outlet
1:01 Using Ideal in-sure 30-1033 3-port push-in connectors
1:09 Making a hot wire pigtail with Ideal in-sure connectors
1:46 Removing wires from push-in connectors on back of outlet
2:11 Making neutral wire pigtail with in-sure connectors
2:52 Completing hot wire pigtail with Ideal in-sure connectors
3:05 Connecting hot wire pigtail to screw terminal on outlet
3:49 Connecting neutral wire pigtail to screw terminal on outlet
4:48 Installing outlet in the wall and cover plate
5:57 Using electrical tester to test outlet wiring
6:57 Credits

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