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Steel Trash Can and Combination Recycle Can 6-Month Review

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⁣Best trash can for your kitchen is stainless steel and features a foot lever action to open the lid with a bonus soft close. We are very happy with this trash can. Up to this point we had an open trashcan that would stink the house up when there was disgusting trash in it. Now, with the self closing lid, the stink is contained within the trash can.

We had rotten garlic cloves that were horrendous and made you want to gag. The lid was closed and we didn't smell it one bit. It was a different story each time we threw something else out and had to open the lid. And then it was a huge Fear Factor challenge trying to discard of the trash.

0:00 6-Month Review of Home Zone 50L Trash Can + Recycle Can
0:12 Glad Force Flex Tall Trash Bags
0:54 Unboxing Home Zone Living Trash Can

1:15 Demonstration of Trash Can Lid opening
1:23 Trash Can
1:30 Recycle Can
1:42 Side demonstration of lever
1:52 Glad ForceFlex Tall Trash Bags
2:17 Inserting trash bag
2:52 Soft Close Lid
3:40 Credits

To learn more about this product and other products on U Do It™ read the article here: https://udoit.me/best-trash-can-for-your-kitchen
The Home Zone trash can can be purchased here: https://amzn.to/3UmcBgw
Glad ForceFlex Trash Bags can be purchased here: https://amzn.to/3SYu1Pi
See U Do It™ Kitchen Essentials shopping list here: https://amzn.to/3f0NMrG

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