U Do It Using Construction Calculator To Determine Diagonal For Reference Pins

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⁣U Do It Using Construction Calculator To Determine Diagonal For Reference Pins

I am building a shed in my backyard. The location of the shed is based on my preference and also the setback on the property. The setback of my property is 6 feet but I'm giving it an additional 3 feet buffer by building the shed almost 9 feet from the rear of the property.

I first used marking paint in an area based on very rough measurements. I needed to know if this was definitely going to work. Once I marked it out I became more deliberate in my actions.

I know I want the shed to be parallel with the back of our house. So I placed two rebar stakes 207 inches apart in the area where I expect to build the shed. Then, I placed two pins 320 inches from these two stakes square with them. I was able to use my Craftsman Construction Calculator to determine the diagonal, which was about 381 inches.

Having these rebar pins out in the open is dangerous as you could fall on them and get impaled. So I cut sections of 4x4 lumber and drilled a 9-16ths inch hole in them to cap the rebar. Falling on them would still hurt and result in injury but it would be much better than being impaled.

Drilling the holes I used my Bosch boring bit set along with my DeWalt drill. I am very impressed with the drill. It nearly broke my wrist as you can see in the video.

To learn more about this visit U Do It⁣™ here: ⁣https://udoit.me/where-to-buil....d-a-shed-in-our-back
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