About Turtle Tube

Our mission is to Have a place to come create without the fear of Cancel culture, Bias, Censorship or the Kitchen sink! We all may not agree with one another and always be on the same page but that's okay we're all unique and our own version of ourselves and need a place to express ourselves and find like minded auidences that we gel with.    

      You may upset the turtle, but at the end of the day I will say enjoy creating talk to you tomorrow.   I Started building Turtle Tube and Savvy Turtle Media Group 5 years ago to provide a place without fear of cancel culture, Bias, Censorship and the kitchen sink! You worked hard improving yourself, your lifestyle, building your brand and learning how to make great content, Shouldn't you be rewarded by being on a platform that celebrates you and let's you run free in the open wild. Have any ideas, improvements etc. Let me know as I'm serious about my tag line Made For Creators By Creators. Savvy Turtle


Turtle Tube is the Hottest On Demand Video Platform For Creators By Creators