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How to do Bird of Paradise Pose

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⁣⁣Learn how to do Bird of Paradise Pose This free beginner video tutorial will teach you the proper alignment and technique to help you safely move into Bird of Paradise Pose.

Bird of Paradise Pose challenges your flexibility, balance, and focus. It is a great hip opener, especially for people who spend a lot of time sitting during their everyday routine.

Here are some health benefits of Bird of Paradise Pose:
- Strengthens your lower body
- Opens your hips and groin
- Improves concentration
- Calms your mind

How to do Bird of Paradise Pose:
1. Begin in a forward fold with your feet a bit wider than your hips.
2. Come onto the ball of one foot, placing your shoulder toward your inner knee.
3. Take your same side hand behind your calf and press your knee forward to tuck your shoulder behind your knee.
4. From here, wrap your hands behind your back and bind your hands together.
5. Bend your standing leg and begin to stand up balancing on that standing leg. Once you come to that standing position, find a focal point out in front of you.
6. Straighten your standing leg and open your shoulders. Point the toes of your lifted leg and try to straighten your lifted leg to complete this pose.

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